How To Identify And Treat Manic Depression Symptoms

How To Identify And Treat Manic Depression Symptoms

by Jim Johnson

For those that are suffering from manic depression symptoms, there is little good that they see or feel. Manic depression is much different from that of clinical depression. Manic is also and more commonly known, as bipolar disorder, a life threatening condition. If you feel that you have any of these manic depression symptoms, or you know someone that does, it is imperative that you seek out medical attention as soon as possible for them.

In most cases, this type of depression seems to be inherited, but this is not true in all cases, and to various levels of degrees. Unlike clinical depression, manic depression symptoms will go through cycles, from being manic to being depressed. Most of the time, these mood changes will be gradual but they can also be drastic and quickly changing.

Manic Depression Symptoms

Manic depression symptoms are broken down into two categories. The symptoms are different for each part of the cycle that the manic depressive will go through.

Mania State:

Here are some symptoms that may be evident:

· Poor judgment
· Inappropriate elation, feelings of being happy for no reason
· Inappropriate irritability, feelings of being mad, angry or upset that are unfounded
· Insomnia that is severe
· The speed at which you talk is increased. You may be louder too.
· Increased energy that is unfounded
· Disconnected and thoughts that are racing through your mind
· Sexual desires are increased, often to much higher levels
· Social behavior that is in appropriate or out of character

Depressed Symptoms:

Here are some symptoms that may be evident:

· Fatigue or decreased levels of energy. Feelings of being slowed down physically and mentally.
· Loss of appetite, weight loss that is not due to dieting. Or, on the other hand, sometimes people can be overeating and gaining weight.
· Continuously anxious or depressed, saddened mood.
· Feelings that are guilt, helplessness, worthlessness.
· The things that you used to love are no longer interesting. Activities and hobbies seem to be lost.
· Lack of interest in sexual relations.
· Insomnia or suddenly waking up. Or, you may be oversleeping only to feel not rested.
· Thoughts of death, suicide or attempts of this type.
· Loss of concentration, attentiveness.
· In ability to make decisions, even simple ones.
· Physical conditions that do not seem to respond to treatments including chronic pain, headaches and digestive disorders.

Manic depression systems will cycle through these states. In clinical depression symptoms, only the depressed symptoms listed above may be evident. Those that are suffering from these conditions should have depression tests done to diagnoses them properly. Only depression tests can provide accurate information about this condition. Some or all of the manic depression symptoms listed here may be in play. Anxiety and depression treatments are available to treat these manic depression symptoms and depression medicines can help to control these feelings.

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